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Clunky answering machines, busy signals and muffled-sounding messages are a thing of the past. VoiceMail improves communications and redefines the way you use your telephone.

VoiceMail responds to your calls when you are unable to answer your phone or when you are currently on the line. It invites callers to leave a message, then records the message and stores it in your VoiceMail box. Callers may leave a message at anytime, even several callers at once.

Account Login


  • Your phone is answered when you are talking on the phone, on the Internet or not home.
  • If your line is busy, callers will be alerted that you are on the phone and then hear your custom greeting so they can leave a message.
  • Access messages at home or on the road anytime, anywhere.
  • Advanced recording technology offers superb sound quality making messages clear and easy to understand.
  • VoiceMail is reliable – when the power goes out your VoiceMail service is still working and taking calls for you. Plus, you never have to reset the date and time on your answering machine after a power failure.
  • VoiceMail-to-E-mail (eForward) sends a copy of the VoiceMail message to your e-mail in realtime. Get your messages while you’re online and never miss a call.
  • Manage your messages and account settings with a Web-based interface.
  • Multiple mailboxes give every member of the family a mailbox with a customized greeting and password security.
  • Select and record multiple outgoing greetings. Use this feature if you are out of the office or away from your phone for an extended period of time without recording over your primary greeting.
  • Selectively save or delete messages in your mailbox or forward them to other mailboxes.
  • VoiceMail can activate another phone and/or pager when you have new messages.
  • Each message contains the caller’s number (if available) and date/time of call.
  • Your mailbox is password protected so you can limit who can access messages.
  • There is no special equipment to buy or clutter your counter – all you need is a phone.
  • Stutter dial-tone and a message waiting light (if available on your phone) will indicate that you have a new message so you can see if there are new calls without picking up the phone.
  • VoiceMail is easy to use. Voice prompts guide your through each step in retrieving messages and setting up your account.


Basic VoiceMail

  • $3.95/month
  • 10 messages (new and saved)
  • 7 day message retention
  • 90 sec. message length
  • 15 min. maximum storage

Included Features:

  • AutoLogin
  • Time/Date Stamp
  • Message Waiting Indicator

Optional Features:
(included in package)

  • VoiceMail-to-E-mail (eForward)

Advanced VoiceMail

  • $6.95/month

Includes 2 Sub Mailboxes

  • 20 messages (new and saved)
  • 10 day message retention
  • 120 sec. message length
  • 20 min. maximum storage

Included Features:

  • AutoLogin
  • Time/Date Stamp
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Message Memo
  • Message Forward

Optional Features:
(included in package)

  • VoiceMail-to-E-mail (eForward)
  • Daily Notification
  • Message Reply
  • Outdial
  • Pager/Phone Notification

Advanced VoiceMail Plus

  • $12.95/month

Includes 4 Sub Mailboxes

  • 30 messages (new and saved)
  • 15 day message retention
  • 120 sec. message length
  • 25 min. maximum storage

Included Features:

  • AutoLogin
  • Time/Date Stamp
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Message Memo
  • Message Forward
  • Distribution Lists
  • Associated Number (1 number)

Optional Features:
(included in package)

  • VoiceMail-to-E-mail (eForward)
  • Daily Notification
  • Message Reply
  • Outdial
  • Pager/Phone Notification
AlaCarte Pricing
Additional Sub Mailbox $2.00/month
Daily Notification$1.00/month
Message Memo $1.00/month
Message Forward $1.00/month
Message Reply $1.00/month
Pager/Phone Notification$1.00/month
Distribution Lists$1.00/month
Associated Number $2.00/month per number
Announcement Only $2.00/month

Feature Descriptions

Announcement Only
This feature is for those that want to use the service to deliver an announcement only without giving the caller the option to leave a message. This is useful for schools that want to announce school closings or businesses that want to give their business hours.

Associated Number
This allows the user to have multiple phone numbers and share one voice mail box. When choosing Associated Numbers, each line includes Call Forward on Busy and Call Forward Don’t Answer.

This feature will allow you easy access to your mailbox when you are calling from the line with VoiceMail service. Just dial *55 to access messages. Ideal for those that are not concerned with the security features and want quicker access to their voice mailbox. Can be turned on/off as desired.

Daily Notification
This feature allows you to setup a time of day to notify you that you have a voice message. On the days that you do not have any new messages, the service will not give you a notification call. Local numbers only.

Distribution Lists
This feature allows you to group different lists of mailboxes. Example: If you want to send a memo out to everyone in your Sales Dept., instead of sending it to each individual, you can setup a list of people in that department and simply send it to the Sales Distribution List so it will automatically be sent to to everyone listed in that department.

VoiceMail-to-E-mail (eForward)
This feature allows you not only to store your messages in your mailbox, but it also converts it into an e-mail. This is very useful for those that have dial-up Internet service. You will never miss a message that is urgent because you are online. You will also be able to go to a Web site to manage your messages.

Message Forward
This feature allows you to forward a message to another mailbox or distribution list. You can also record an intro message to tag to the front of the message you are forwarding.

Message Memo
This feature allows you to send memo messages to other mailboxes. The memos are sent directly to the mailboxes without their phone ringing. Great for leaving messages for other members in the household or colleagues.

Message Reply
If the caller presses the 5 key while the message is playing, the service will attempt to place a call to the person (the number they dialed from) that left the message if the caller’s number is available. Local numbers only.

Message Waiting Indication
Feature activates the stutter dial tone and the message light on the phone (if phone is equipped with light) when there are new messages in the mailbox(s).

This feature allows you to dial 0 to call a preset number when reaching a mailbox. Example: “… Please leave a message at the tone, or press 0 to connect you to my office phone.” Local numbers only.

Pager or Phone Notification
Great for people on the go. A reminder page or call alerts you when you have a new message left in your mailbox. Local numbers only.

Sub Mailboxes
Each user on a telephone line can have their own mailbox. PIN access ensures privacy. Great for roommates, family members and people who work out of their home. When there are one or more Sub Mailboxes, a group greeting can be configured. Example: “… for John, press 1. To leave a message for Jill, press 2 or to contact John’s Construction, press 3.”

If you need additional assistance, please call Technical Support toll-free at
1-888-832-4322 or e-mail

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