Local Service

Local Telephone Service

F&B Communications provides local telephone service to the Bennett, Calamus, Delmar, Lowden and Wheatland exchanges. Serving customers since the early 1900s, F&B is committed to providing quality telecommunications service. Call or stop by our business office today to learn how we can serve you.

Calling FeaturesLine Rates

Local Calling Area for F&B Communications customers:
Calamus (246)Calamus, Delmar*, Dixon, Grand Mound, Lost Nation, Oxford Junction, Wheatland
Wheatland (374)Bennett*, Calamus, Dixon, Lost Nation, Lowden*, Oxford Junction, Wheatland
Lowden (941/944)*Bennett*, Clarence, Lost Nation, Lowden, Oxford Junction, Stanwood (942), Wheatland
Delmar (574/674)*Charlotte, Calamus, Delmar, DeWitt, Grand Mound, Lost Nation, Low Moor, Oxford Junction
Bennett (890/893)*Bennett, Dixon, Durant, Lowden*, Tipton, Wheatland
* F&B Communications Customers

Line Rates

Residential Line

  • $18.00/month
  • Enables you to call within your local calling area from your home.

Business Line

  • $21.00/month
  • Enables you to call within your local area from your business.
  • This service includes one free listing in the telephone directory yellow pages.

Business Trunk Hunting

  • $4.00/month
  • Trunk Hunting service is for a business that doesn’t want to miss an opportunity by having a customer get a busy signal.
  • Calls coming in will automatically rollover to an open line.
  • Trunk Hunting can be added to any business line.

Federal and E-911 Charges

Lines are assessed a Subscriber Line, Federal Universal Service, Access Recovery and E-911 charge each month as mandated by county, state and federal governments.

Subscriber Line Charge

  • Single line ($6.50/month)
  • Business Multi-line ($9.20/month)

Access Recovery Charge

  • Single line ($3.00/month)
  • Business Multi-line ($3.00/month)

Federal Universal Service Charge

May change quarterly

  • Residential/Business Single line ($1.89/month)
  • Business Multi-line ($2.67/month)

Emergency - 911

  • Clinton County ($1.00/month)
  • Cedar County ($1.00/month)

To sign up for telephone service in Calamus, Wheatland, Lowden, Delmar or Bennett, please call 1-800-866-6545, complete and mail an application or visit our business office in Wheatland. Be sure to check out the many calling features that F&B Communications has to offer. There is no installation fee to establish service at an existing location for new F&B customers. Cost for service at new locations varies depending upon conditions.

Customers wishing to have an additional line placed in their home or business need to call the business office to request a second line application. When the application is returned, a plant technician will visit the location to determine an installation cost. Customers will then be contacted with an estimate.

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