Local Service

Local Telephone Service

F&B Communications provides local telephone service to the Bennett, Calamus, Delmar, Lowden and Wheatland exchanges. Serving customers since the early 1900s, F&B is committed to providing quality telecommunications service. Call or stop by our business office today to learn how we can serve you.

Calling FeaturesLine Rates

Local Calling Area for F&B Communications customers:
Calamus (246)Calamus, Delmar*, Dixon, Grand Mound, Lost Nation, Oxford Junction, Wheatland
Wheatland (374)Bennett*, Calamus, Dixon, Lost Nation, Lowden*, Oxford Junction, Wheatland
Lowden (941/944)*Bennett*, Clarence, Lost Nation, Lowden, Oxford Junction, Stanwood (942), Wheatland
Delmar (574/674)*Charlotte, Calamus, Delmar, DeWitt, Grand Mound, Lost Nation, Low Moor, Oxford Junction
Bennett (890/893)*Bennett, Dixon, Durant, Lowden*, Tipton, Wheatland
* F&B Communications Customers

Line Rates

Residential Line

  • $18.00/month
  • Enables you to call within your local calling area from your home.

Business Line

  • $21.00/month
  • Enables you to call within your local area from your business.
  • This service includes one free listing in the telephone directory yellow pages.

Business Trunk Hunting

  • $4.00/month
  • Trunk Hunting service is for a business that doesn’t want to miss an opportunity by having a customer get a busy signal.
  • Calls coming in will automatically rollover to an open line.
  • Trunk Hunting can be added to any business line.

Federal and E-911 Charges

Lines are assessed a Subscriber Line, Federal Universal Service, Access Recovery and E-911 charge each month as mandated by county, state and federal governments.

Subscriber Line Charge

  • Single line ($6.50/month)
  • Business Multi-line ($9.20/month)

Access Recovery Charge

  • Single line ($3.00/month)
  • Business Multi-line ($3.00/month)

Federal Universal Service Charge

May change quarterly

  • Residential/Business Single line ($1.89/month)
  • Business Multi-line ($2.67/month)

Emergency - 911

  • Clinton County ($1.00/month)
  • Cedar County ($1.00/month)

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