AUGUST 14, 2020

As of Friday afternoon, utility power has been restored to all of our offices. The majority of our end-devices (Fiber ONTs and DSL modems) have come back online as utility power has been restored to homes and businesses; although there are still a number of customers without power. If you have trouble with your F&B services once utility power has been restored, please contact our repair line at (563) 374-1238. We continue to respond to a high number of emergency locate requests.


AUGUST 12, 2020

The storms that ravaged our area on Monday caused destruction in our communities never seen before. F&B Communications’ facilities were relatively untouched by the storm as our cables are underground with above ground pedestals in some places. Our offices are running on back-up power sources and services should remain operational for homes and businesses that have had power restored or are running on generators.

Power restoration by the electric utilities is expected to take several days and we realize that many customers are without power and may be connecting generators. If you choose to run your electronics off of a generator, please make sure you use adequate surge protection to avoid equipment damage and replacement costs.

Fiber Customers: To restore services, connect the power plug of the white CyberPower UPS unit to generator power. You will also need to power any auxiliary devices such as cordless phones, WiFi routers, Skitter set-top-boxes and/or network switches.

Copper/DSL Customers:  Your phone service should be working if you have a landline phone that does not require external power. To use Internet or video services, connect your modem, WiFi router and/or Skitter set-top-boxes to generator power.

If you have service issues once utility power has been restored, please contact our repair line at (563) 374-1238. Our technicians will address troubles as quickly as possible. We are also responding to many emergency locate requests to mark our underground lines so the power utilities can set new poles. We are prioritizing these locates to assist the power restoration process, so we appreciate your patience.

Rest assured, know that we are making every effort to keep our network operational and meet your communication needs during this disaster.